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Listowel Minor Baseball Association
Website/Publications Consent Form

As the parent/legal guardian of a player on a Listowel Minor Baseball Association team,
I consent to the disclosure of personal information about my son/daughter on this team
by its posting on the website of the Listowel Minor Baseball (
and by its publishing in any newsletters, yearbooks, or other published material by
Listowel Minor Baseball Association.

This consent only applies to the following:

1. Photographs of my son/daughter
2. Athletic results of son/daughter
3. Awards, scholarships, prizes received by my son/daughter
4. Activities of my son/daughter as are related to his/her involvement with Listowel Minor Baseball.

I am aware that by giving this consent, I am permitting personal information about my son/daughter
to be published, which can be viewed by anyone who accesses the Listowel Minor Baseball
Website or publications, and that if consent were withheld, this posting and publication would not occur.

I further understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at any time, upon written notice.
I give this consent voluntarily.


After reading this information, see area at bottom of registration form to check giving your consent.

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