Code of Conduct (Listowel Minor Baseball)

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Code of Conduct

LMBA Mission Statement:

Listowel Minor Baseball Association's objective is to provide an enriched atmosphere for children of all ages to enjoy the game of baseball while at the same time developing individual skills in a team environment.

All Participants Shall:

·         Treat all other participants (players, coaches, spectators, officials),
whether from Listowel or elsewhere, with respect

·         Conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity

·         Uphold the principles of fairness and equality

·         Promote teamwork, recognizing that we win or lose together

·         Endeavour to make baseball enjoyable for all involved

·         Strive to win and lose with grace and dignity

·         Positively represent the Town of Listowel

In addition, all Players Shall:

·         Put forth genuine effort towards the betterment of our team and ourselves

·         Never argue with an official

·         Attend practices and games unless we advise the coach in advance that we cannot

In addition, all Coaches Shall:

·         Strive to at all times be positive role models for our players

·         Endeavour to develop the baseball skills of all of our players, and to contribute to the building of their self esteem

In addition, all Parents/Spectators Shall:

·         Provide positive encouragement and support to our teams; refrain from negativity towards any participant

·         Help our children to win and lose well